My short wonderful experience in the Hom Lab

The Hom Lab.png

Because moving for work for a few months 7,341 km away from home, where none speaks your mother language and where everything is so, so different, can be hard… I just want to thank you all. You made it so easy. You made me feel at home since the very first moment I got there.

I honestly enjoyed every single day working in the lab, even when I couldn’t understand a word-so many ‘what?!’s-or when nothing worked-because ‘nothing is ever easy’-. If my bugs were not growing at all, because they were napping; if the cultures got contaminated, because they were just looking for friends; if the machines were not working, because they just decided to take some days off; or even when the power went off forever while we were finally about to run the first qPCR (`come on!’), everything was totally fine and fun in all your company.

Thanks Erik for hosting me and my pink bugs in your little cozy bubble, for your patience, for making me think, dream, do science and asking ‘so what?’ and ‘who cares?’

Thanks for this amazing experience Dr. Evil (EH), Big Montana (MC), Mom (JM), Queendows (TN), Silky (MH), Jamón (HM) and all the minions.

I wish all of you the best and hope to see you again soon 😀

'Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind' -Séneca-