About Our Lab

Hello! This blog is written by the members of the Hom Lab at The University of Mississippi with the intent of providing scientific insight and advice that my not be otherwise included in our finding or publications.

Our research is under the direction of Dr. Erik Hom, assistant professor in the Department of Biology at Ole Miss. Members of this lab range from high school students working through the ARISE Summer Program, undergraduates, and graduate students.

This blog will feature posts from our researchers in our research endeavors which include:

  • Investigating the biology of synthetic fungal-algal “lichen” symbioses
  • Discovering new fungal-algal interactions in nature (NSF GoLife Project)
  • Biology of toxic algae (in collaboration with Bigelow Lab & NCNPR at Ole Miss)
  • Microbial ecology of fermented beverages
  • Algal-Bacterial interactions
  • Experimental tips and advice
  • Other musings

We hope you will find these posts useful, informative, and interesting. Feel free to contact us at anytime using the information provided on the Contact page or visit our website . Enjoy!